Do You Know Apple to Finally Release an Update for MacBook Air And MacBook Mini?


2018 has seen a lot of buzz and new launches! And we can’t get more excited than the news of Apple coming up with a ‘low-cost’ and a totally redesigned MacBook Air along with reviving the miniature computer, MacBook Mini after almost four years! Talks are going around that MacBook Air is known to get cheaper while MacBook Mini will be becoming a more professional-focused upgraded model.

As per the report by Bloomberg, the new release will be very similar to the current one. However, the 13-inch display will get thinner bezels. It will also have a Retina Display, which was previously not there. There could be a possibility that Apple will use the same Super Retina screen it used for its iPhone X featuring a wide color gamut, high brightness, and a great deal of contrast ratio for deeper blacks. The last update for MacBook Air which happened last year did not show much changes except for the fast processor which was still 2 years old even at the launch date.




The basic purpose of launching the new release for MacBook Air is to provide alternatives to customers searching for affordable Apple laptops and also for schools & institutes that buy laptops in bulk.

As for the MacBook Mini, the report said that the new upgraded model will come with ‘new storage and processor options’ which are ‘likely to make it more expensive than previous versions’.

Although Mac sales have been quite stable, Apple users did complain about the lack of updates and criticized the company’s incompetence to fulfill the needs of professionals. The Mac sales were estimated as 11 percentage of total Apple Sales in the last fiscal year, more than iPad sales. The company is taking their customers’ feedback very seriously and have decided to resolve these issues by launching a high-end iMac Pro and a new MacBook Pro with fast processor options and an updated keyboard.



There have been no revealing in regards to the release date of Mac Updates by the Apple Team. Last year when a Mac Mini user asked about the updates for Apple’s Mac Mini, he received a response from CEO Tim Cook, ‘an important part of our product line going forward’. Since then, we haven’t heard the management say anything! Though, we can expect a completely separate Mac Event in October following the already in-line event for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch launch. The expected time for this iOS-focused event is most likely to be around mid-September. New iPhones would be released most probably during the third week of September, making enough space for the Mac event in early October to release the new laptops and desktop hardware.

In addition to the latest updates, Apple will also be releasing their new operating system known as the MacOS Mojave which all the Mac Users are eagerly waiting for! The new operating system is said to add new features for sorting files and increase the capability to smoothly run iPad apps such as Apple News. The company also have plans to launch a new and upgraded version of Apple’s most high-end Mac, the MacBook Pro some time in next year.


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