Do You Know All the 50 Tasks of the Blue Whale Challenge?


There are no two ways about the fact that the world has gone digital and we are loving our new age technologies, but as they say, "everything has its pros and cons". Even though the advancement in technology has helped us a great deal, the fact that it has created a risky world for us cannot be denied. And, the perfect example of this is the Blue Whale Challenge. It is not just scary but it also makes us think and rethink what did the innocents who lost their lives do to deserve this? For those who don't know what this game is all about, well, this game has 50 tasks that need to be completed over a period of 50 days, suicide being the last task. Blue Whale Challenge has killed many people and it continues to do so. Earlier it was all believed to be a hoax, but after several parents who lost their children came forward to tell the media that their children died because of this dangerous game. So, what is this game all about and why is it creating such a ruckus? Scroll down to get the answers.


So, without much further ado, let's go to the details of this treacherous game by knowing what all tasks it has to offer. Let's get started, shall we?

DAY-1: Carve a phrase on your arms or hands

DAY-2: Wake up at 04:20 in the morning and watch a horror video that would be sent to you by the curator.

DAY-3: The person will have to cut his arms lengthwise

DAY-4: The person will have to take a piece of paper and draw a whale on it

DAY-5: If the player is ready to become a whale then they need to write "Yes" on their leg and if not then, they will have to cut some part of their body multiple times. 

DAY-6: A secret task will be given that will be in codes.

DAY-7: The player will have to write a message on their arm by scratching the area.

DAY-8: On this day, the person will have to write a post online about being a whale.

DAY-9: The player will have to get rid of a fear.

DAY-10: Wake up at 04:20 AM to go to the roof

DAY-11: The person will have to carve a whale on their arm. 

DAY-12: Watch frightening videos all day long. 

DAY-13: On this day, the player will have to listen to the music that is sent by the curator.

DAY-14: The player will have to cut their lip.

DAY-15: They will have to poke themselves with a needle

DAY-16: On this day, they will have to make themselves sick or hurt themselves.

DAY-17: The player will have to stand on the edge of the roof

DAY-18: On the eighteenth day, they will have to go to a bridge and stand there.

DAY-19: The player will have to climb a crane.

DAY-20: The curator will check if they can trust you or not.

DAY-21: The player will have to talk over the Skype call either with the curator or another whale

DAY-22: On the 22nd day, the player will have to sit on the edge of their roof with their legs dangling freely.

DAY-23: Another coded job is given.

DAY-24: A secretive mission is given.

DAY-25: The player will get to meet a whale just like him.

DAY-26: On this day, the curator will decide the suicide date of the player.

DAY-27: The player will be asked to visit a railroad.

DAY-28: On this day, the person will have to stay aloof and won't have to talk to anyone.

DAY-29: A vow will be taken from the player which will say that he is a whale.

DAY-30-49: From the 30th day to the 49th day, the player will have to keep cutting his hands every day. He will also have to listen to the music and watch the videos the curator sends. During this period, he will have to meet other whales also. 

DAY-50: The player will commit suicide.

Just imagine, knowing about these tasks are enough to send a chill down our spine, so, what about the people who do indulge in it and perform every task until the end? Well, they not just kill themselves but leave their loved ones scarred for life as well.


You need to be very careful while figuring out what your loved ones are up to. If you feel anything around them or in them to be fishy, then there are a few things that you can do, but before doing something about it, try to understand the symptoms of the Blue Whale Challenge.

Symptoms of the Blue Whale Challenge

Here are the most prominent ones. Have a look.

  • When they change the way they behave drastically.
  • Changes in the sleeping and eating habits.
  • If they start talking about death or leaving the home forever.
  • They will stop talking with friends and family.
  • They will stay by themselves.

Now, if you see these symptoms in your child or anyone else, here is what you need to do.

  1. Be a role model for the victim. Use social media carefully because the way you will use it can leave the right or wrong kind of impact on the victim. Tell them they are special and use social media to send all the right kind of messages. The idea is to show them the positive side of life.
  2. Start talking to your child more often. If they have to search the internet, do it together. Make them play games that are safe and ethical and tell them that you love them. If need be, use parental control on the system to ensure they are safe. Also, keep an eye on their activities online and don't shy away from questioning them when you find something wrong.
  3. Place your computer in the area where you can keep a watch. You can also block some sites that you think your child shouldn't see.
  4. You should always keep in mind that your child must be knowing about the Blue Whale Challenge courtesy the hullaballoo surrounding it. So, educate your child about the cons of this game and give them reasons to stay away from the same. 

Do keep these things in mind and keep your loved ones and yourself safe. Let us know your take on the Blue Whale Challenge in the comments section below and stay tuned to Weetjij to get your daily dose of wisdom.


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