Do You Know About These Best Weight Loss Apps That Are Worth Trying?


Over the years, people are becoming more and more fitness freak. The modern concept states that being overweight is inviting trouble. Doctors in every country are also of the opinion that being overweight is actually very dangerous which may lead to serious diseases later in life. If you want to shed a few pounds in 2017 then use the modern ways of going about it. Gone are the days when people were only dependent on a fancy gym and personal trainers. In recent years, mobiles and computers have become an important part of the daily routine, so the technical experts came up with the idea of delivering fitness related guidance over the mobile phones or computer tablets in the form of APPS. The biggest advantage of using mobile apps is that you can keep a track of your weight right at your fingertips. Just ask any aspiring model, actor, and sportsperson about it and all of them will definitely agree that having a mobile app on your Smartphone results in better weight loss results in quick time. It does not eliminate the need of going to the gym or stopping the exercises that you were actually doing. What mobile apps actually do is help you in keeping a better track of your efforts right at your fingertips. Here is the list of some of the best weight loss apps that you must have on your mobile phone that will help you stay on track. Also read, Top 5 worst drinks for your body.

Best Weight Loss Apps That you Must Download on Your Smartphone

Nowadays, various companies have come up with weight loss mobile apps that actually promise to give you a real-time check. These weight loss apps are available on Android and iPhone as well. Above all, there are various options which can help you decide which mobile phone apps are best for weight loss which you can choose as per your requirements. Let’s explore some of the best weight loss apps that you must have on your mobile phone.

6. Fitbit

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There are various weight loss apps that require you to wear a device to use the app. But Fitbit is one such app that does not work on this concept.  What actually this app does is track and record your daily workout, registers your food intake and all this keeps you pumped to fulfill your goals. If you want to lose weight then you need to be disciplined and need to keep a track of your diet, this is where Fitbit mobile app plays a crucial role. Further, you check your daily goals that have been set and other important features like active minutes. Moreover, you can use Fitbit app to record your sleep, check the sleep goals and create bedtime reminders as well.

5. Fooducate


When you talk about losing weight, many people misinterpret as not eating anything. This is a wrong concept which should not be practiced. What you need to do is eat right foods. That’s where Fooducate mobile app plays an important role. What actually happens is that this app scans the barcode that’s printed on the packaging and tells you about the added ingredients such as sugar, preservatives, and MSG. It’s one of the best weight loss apps 2016 that you should give a try to, if you are keen to lose weight. The Fooducate, mobile app is no less than a nutritionist that is available in your pocket.

4. Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal


This list of best weight loss apps cannot be completed without including the name of the Calorie Counter. It’s trusted by millions across the globe because of its amazing features like choose a goal, barcode scanner, food insights, calorie counter, water tracking, log your exercise, chart your progress and get nutrition reports etc. It’s claimed that over 20 million subscribers are there for this mobile app and people have been benefited in losing weight.  

3. My Food Diary    

My Food Diary     

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When it comes to choosing an app for weight loss, this should be on your Smartphone. My Food Diary provides different ways by which you can reach your weight loss goals. It’s actually one of the best weight loss apps by which you can reach the milestone to lose weight easily. The reports that are generated are color coded, hence by giving a glimpse at the reports; you can see what type of foods you are eating the most. The other amazing feature of this weight loss tracker app is that you can track the items that you eat and this can help you find the food that’s actually helping you in losing weight.

2. Healthy Out

Healthy Out

Ask any user of healthy out mobile app and people will agree that it has helped them to lose weight. The working mechanism of this app is quite different from the rest. If you are following a specific diet plan, then finding the required foodstuff in the market can be a real pain. This is actually an app for the diet plan which will make you focus on your weight loss goals. All you need to do in this app is feed in your dietary restrictions & locations then cuisines will be filtered as per the registered data and show where it’s available in the nearby areas.

1. Rise Up

Rise Up

Among all the apps that are available for weight loss, Rise up mobile app is right at the top. This weight loss tracker app is like complete dieting bible because you will be paired with a certified nutrition coach to whom you can send the snaps of your daily eats. Further, the dietitian will do a complete analysis and send you customized tips by which you can adjust your habits. Moreover, the cost of using Rise up app comes to only $2 per day.

Hope you liked reading about the best weight loss apps and do like & share with maximum people so that maximum knowledge can spread to all people including the ones’ that are keen to lose weight.

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