Do You Know About These 7 Best Vacation Spots To Go - For Your Christmas?


Christmas today, is celebrated as an Annual festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed on December the 25th and is an immensely popular festival that is celebrated around the world. It is an important cultural and religious celebration that is preceded by a season of festivities. Celebrating the day, people give gifts to each other, gather around with their families, decorate their homes with Christmas symbols, feast, travel, and much more. If you were looking to go away for your Holidays during Christmas season, then there’s a good chance that you will be travelling with your family. There are plenty of good locations that you can visit in the hopes of having a good Christmas vacation. Even if you’re not travelling with your family, there are other spots that you can check out, for a memorable trip with your friends or by yourself.

There are several vacation spots, destinations that you can go to, in hopes of having a good Christmas with your family or friends. Depending on what you are looking for, what it is that interests you the most, you can visit vacation spots to either unwind and relax or have a stay filled with activities and adventures. Obviously, Christmas is quite an auspicious occasion, and you could always choose to spend the season with how you’d celebrate Christmas in your holidays, but you can also have the option to just have a memorable vacation while travelling to any one of the best destinations for Christmas in the world.

Here are some of the Top 7 Vacations Spots that you can Visit during Christmas:

Malta, Europe:


If you are looking to have a vacation in the Caribbean, then there’s no place better to visit than Malta. Christmas in Malta is quite a special affair, and you must make sure that you do experience this festive season at least once with your family while you are travelling during your vacations. During your stay in Malta, you must visit the Presepju, which are basically the nativity scenes - an integral part of how you celebrate Christmas in Malta.

The Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem is a nativity spread in Malta that is life – size and spread over 20,000 square meters of fields. It is quite special to all of Malta, with entire families participating in reenacting the past of Judeo – Christian times. The ensemble of the land is complete with oil lamps, grazing animals, arts and crafts, a tavern and the Grotto housing baby Jesus.

Rovaniemi, Finland:


Finland is a place that isn’t bereft of a healthy amount of snowfall every Christmas. Staying here in Lapland, Finland can help you give your family that picture – perfect Christmas experience, complete with all the joyous festivities of the occasion and the local culture. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Finns believe that Rovaniemi is Santa’s home and the entire town celebrate the festival with a lot of joy and dedication.

For your Vacation, you must try and spend a day or two in the Arctic snow hotel, made entirely of ice and snow but equipped with hot tubs and saunas in which you can thaw yourself from time to time. Two important places that you can visit, are the Arktikum science centre and the Ranua Wildlife Park. Here you can learn more about the Northern lights, and then visit baby polar bears, moose and wolverines.

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Nuremberg, Germany:


When in Europe, Nuremberg in Germany is your safe bet at having a memorable Christmas time for the better half of your vacations. Here, the main attraction that you will soon realize, is the Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt or the Nuremberg Christmas Market. This is a major attraction in Nuremberg, drawing in more than 2 million visitors on an annual basis. There’s a lot of things here to reminisce about, such as the steam train, the giant, wooden Ferris wheel and an old-fashioned carousel.

The Nuremberg Market for Christmas has around 200 or so select vendors who put up fantastic displays every year during the holiday season. The Christmas market’s council ensures that all toys sold in the market are made traditionally, that they are handmade and not mass – produced. Apart from this, there’s also the German Railway museum that you can visit with your kids for a nice silver lining to your vacation.

Trømso, Norway:


Trømso is a snowy, city island that offers unparalleled views of the northern lights for those out and about at midnight. This is quite an exhilarating experience for some, and you would surely like to see the phenomenon where the weather is chilly and the skies are clear. Part of the Arctic Circle, there’s little to no sunlight and you will get to visit here for Christmas, being closest to the North Pole. The food is great, you can ski and there’s the traditional dogsledding for you and your kids to enjoy.

In Trømso, you can enjoy your stay at the Clarion Hotel Bryggen that is situated right on the harbour. You can enjoy the view of Trømso from the roof of the hotel, all the while sitting in its steamy Jacuzzis, enjoying the Nordic cuisine like basil – glazed catfish filet, pork, and Norwegian Christmas dinners.

Zurich, Switzerland:


Switzerland is not always a swanky affair for many visiting the country for their Christmas vacations. You can easily spend your holidays in Switzerland, in Zurich which is like a compact Alpine city in the state. Here, the locals are known for their revelry in the Christmas season, with the most popular display being the 12,000 crystal lights which mark the season’s beginning on November 21st.

Once you’re here in Zurich, you can explore the Galleries on Rämistrasse, listen to the Holiday concerts in the Romanesque – style or go to the Conelli Christmas Circus. For your stay, you should definitely try and get a reservation at Hotel Helvetia, set on the Sihl River. You can get a room with Art Nouveau touches and have a really pleasant stay while in Zurich, Switzerland.

Salzburg, Austria:


Salzburg in Austria is already quite famous for being the Birthplace of Mozart and also having served as the main film location for widely acclaimed movie ‘Sound of Music’. So if you’ve seen that film or ever picked up a few postcards for Austria, you would know what to expect of such a beautiful place. It’s a land surrounded by snow-capped mountains, sprawling fields of green, complete with Baroque architecture and many traditional Christmas markets.

If you’re looking to visit a place with your friends for a fun-filled Christmas vacation, then Salzburg will definitely be the right choice. Aside from the usual festivities, you can participate in the Krampus Runs, which is basically dressing up as the Alpine beast known as Krampus and then rampaging through the streets, scaring children and just having a good time.

Queenstown, New Zealand:


If you’re looking for a departure from the traditional vacation spots for Christmas, and looking to do something just a tad bit upbeat, then perhaps you should think of travelling to Queenstown in New Zealand. New Zealand is a moderately tropical area with its share of snowfall in the winter. However, during Christmas, you can, however, enjoy their summers instead, and as part of your vacation, you could be surfing, jet – boating, river surfing, paragliding, among all sorts of activities. This is certainly a more unique experience than you might be used to in your Christmas vacations, but if you’re a sun – lover and would rather love spending the Christmas in your surf shorts, then Queenstown is the right vacation spot for you.

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These are some of the best 7 vacation spots that you can visit in the Christmas season. Whether it’s a winter holiday trip is what you want, one that fuels your Yuletide nostalgia and reminds you of your childhood, or if you just want a radical break from your daily life, then these are certainly some of the best spots to be, during the holiday season.


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