Do You Know About These 3 Most Evil Experiments of All Time?


Scientific experiments are meant to make the world a better place, to find solutions to our problems, to find cures for our diseases, but what if those who are conducting these experiments start showing cruelty? Down the lane of our rich history, several experiments have been conducted not on animals, but on human beings that put humanity to shame. Several men, women, and kids have been brutally murdered, thanks to these evil experiments. So, listed below are seven of such vicious experiments that became the epitome of ‘sin'.

3 of the Most Reprobate Experiments that Cannot be Surpassed

Scroll down to know about these experiments and what they did with the poor subjects who were a part of these experiments.

1. Nazi Medical Experiments

In the 1940s, the Nazi experiments began in Germany. They were conducted only on prisoners and to your surprise, this included children as well. These series of experiments took place during the Holocaust and the WWII and the sects targeted were mostly Soviet POWs, ethnic Poles, Sinti, Romani, Jews and disabled Germans. These hazardous experiments were conducted in order to help the German military forces in some way or the other and no consent was taken from the subject as a result of which they became partly or entirely disabled for their entire life. Some even succumbed to the torture and died.

nazi experiment

Given below are a few examples of the Nazi Experiment.

  • Head Injury Experiments

In 1942, in order to know what can happen if someone's head is being constantly damaged, an experiment was conducted in the occupied Poland where a 12-year-old boy was tied to the chair. Once he sat calmly, they fixed a mechanized hammer just above the head of the boy which hit his head every few seconds. This experiment is, till date, known for its brutality. 

  • Experiments on Twins

From 1943 to 44, this experiment was constantly conducted by Josef Mengele on 1500 pairs of twins for a year. In this experiment, he injected their eyes with different colors to see if it would change the color of the eyes. He even sewed some twins together in order to know if conjoined twins can be made unnaturally. These experiments certainly send a chill down our spine but what about those children who actually faced this trauma?

These are only a few to be named, the torturous Nazi Medical Experiments are unending and unnerving as well. 

2. Japan's Unit 731

From the 1930s to the 40s, the Japanese Army used to conduct medical and biological warfare testing on the civilians. The irony of this experiment is that even though it was a Japanese experiment, most of the experiment took place in China. This experiment was quite vicious and killed as many as 2 lac people, reportedly. In the sets of these experiments, wells were filled with infected water so that people could drink it and fall ill. This happened mostly to the prisoners who were vaccinated with injections of different diseases and when it made them sick, they tried to find cures for the same. Not only that, parts of their body was frozen for a very long time to find out the causes and medicines for frostbite.

unit 731

Here is a detailed version of some of their experiments.

  • Forced Pregnancy and Rape

For the experiments of Unit 731, women prisoners were forced to get pregnant and keep the baby and for that, they were pitilessly raped. The reason behind doing this torture was to find out if diseases of different types, syphilis to be precise, transferred from the mother to the baby. Not only that, seeing women hurt and tortured was an object of interest for many. It is believed that no children born out of this experiment saw the light of the day and those who did, were murdered at some point or the other.

  • Other Experiments

In some other experiments, to know how long a person can survive without water or food the researchers kept them hungry and thirsty till they didn't give up on life. Some of them were injected with the blood of animals, others were exposed to the fatal rays of x-rays. This didn't end here, there were a lot of prisoners who were buried or burnt alive to know how a human will feel when something like this happens to them. 

3. The ‘Monster Study'

monster study

Well, this is not as monstrous as the other two. But, this is no less than a torture, considering it involved a large number of orphan children. What happened was in 1939, University of Iowa's speech pathologists stated that a child stutters not because it is a disorder, they stutter because they get scared and anxious while speaking. This theory could have been right or wrong but the way they conducted the experiment was entirely erroneous. They went to an orphanage to meet children and told them that they are suspected of stuttering. They were asked to keep quiet and speak only when they were sure about what they wanted to say. This didn't help the experiment but it made a lot of children depressed, withdrawn, silent and anxious. Due to this experiment, the University was sued as well and the case was settled after a long battle of 4 years after which the University of Iowa settled the case for a whopping $ 0.925 million.

So, with that, this list comes to an end. Liked what we wrote? Then do let us know in the comments section below.



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