Do You Know About the upcoming iPhone 9 and What Features it will have?


The iPhone, for a good part of the smartphone industry, has been the center piece of attraction for tech lovers and Apple enthusiasts over the world. With the latest iPhone model being the iPhone 8, many had been wondering what new features and specs the next model in the line will hold. Now, there’s no surety that the next model of iPhone that gets released will be actually called iPhone 9, or iPhone X Plus, or whatnot, but it has been speculated that there would be certain features that could quite possibly be included and that there could be as many as three new flagship phones. As compared to the previous iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the upcoming iPhone 9 will may as well be the most ‘affordable’ of the lot, having a large, 6.1 – inch display like the rumored iPhone XS Plus and XS. Considering what the new model’s called, whether an iPhone 9 or simply an iPhone 8S, the new model will either have major upgrades or only minor ones. With the release date announcement drawing nearer with September 12th, you’ll soon get to know more about the proposed and rumored specs.

What Could Be the New Designs and Features You Can Expect the iPhone 9 to Have?

  • Design:

There’s a lot to speculate about unless there’s been a formal release or if any information gets leaked over the next few days, but largely, the new models of iPhones will normally look like the current iPhone X. Apple might introduce certain changes that would alter how the finished model looks like, perhaps slimming down the bezel or reducing the notch at the top for a clearer screen. The current leaks of dummy models for the new iPhone, if anything, are all indicative of small, minor changes instead of any major design changes. However, one design change that people could be certain about, is that Apple will introduce colors into the iPhone line, with different models having different colors. The recent models were all in hues of gold and silver, but the new ones could be more than just one – off red models, including orange, blue or even yellow.


  • Features:

When it comes to what the iPhone will actually be capable of doing, in terms of new or existing features, there’s a lot that is still chalked up to being rumors or speculations. The year in which the new iPhone is being released in, 2018, is supposedly an ‘S’ year, that is, when a model of the iPhone series is revamped with minor features and upgrades, much like the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, etc. So, in all likeness, there’ll be the usual improvements to the previously released iPhone 8, with the main focus on improvements and not innovations. Customers are most likely to receive faster processor chips, better camera guts and an improved iOS. Other rumors and speculations suggest that there will be more quality of life improvements to the next iPhone, with features like space for 2 SIM cards, allowing users to switch between two numbers or networks simultaneously.


  • Release Date:

Over the years, Apple has had a fairly predictable schedule with how they release new iPhones and consequently, what name is given to their new model. Going by how they have released iPhones over the years, this year, 2018, is to be an ‘S’ year with the model being generally an ‘S’ or updated version of the latest model currently in the market. Majority of the customers and analysts expect Apple to follow suit and release their new iPhone somewhere in September, releasing it upto 2 weeks after the initial release date announcement. However, they might break with tradition too, and though it seems highly unlikely, roll out a completely new iPhone furnished with latest features and upgrades.

Therefore, going by these above mentioned designs and features, you can possibly work out how the next iPhone is shaping up to be. If you didn’t know about the upcoming iPhone 9 or didn’t know what to expect from their new model line, then there’s a lot more you can read up on, especially when it comes to technical features, pricing options and sales. 


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