Do You Know About The Important Role Of SEO In Digital Marketing?


SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand today. The two rely on each other and complement each other in every way possible. But the marriage of these two sides of the coin needs to be understood in order to make the best use of both these aspects of modern marketing. Marketing, as you would already know, is the backbone of every business. Without marketing, there would be no reach, no impact, and of course, no brand visibility in the public. And that is something that no business would want. All that being said, it is also imperative to realize that times have changed. Traditional marketing tactics are almost archaic and have very less use in today’s market. Given the above conditions, it is natural that digital marketing and SEO services have grown in number in the recent years in terms of demands and the results they deliver. SEO services are in the essence the soul of a digital marketing campaign. Everything that surrounds digital marketing eventually boils down to search engine optimization and how a business conducts its marketing on various search engines, especially Google. Now, let’s just visualize a shop. Yes, a shop. A shop that has no windows, no posters, no images, and just a door. Right next to it is a shop that has windows, has images of the product it sells and has posters of offers and lucrative deals. The first one is a perfect example of a website, or an e-commerce website to be precise, that has not been optimized using SEO. The latter is an example of an e-commerce website that is optimized via SEO. Do you see the difference? The former will only have customers out of their own curiosity. The second shop will have customers because they will be attracted to the shop itself. The poster, the deals, the images of the products, and the glimpses from the window will attract customers in huge numbers. That is what SEO does in digital marketing.

Search engine optimization, often shortened as SEO, is essentially the process of making a website or a webpage more visible on the internet and on the search engines. The aim is to make the webpage/website in regard easily accessible, easier to crawl, and easier to index. The idea is to help your potential customers find out about your website on the internet among the millions of already existing websites and drive them to the target website or web page from various online media platforms. The process begins with the attempt of bringing up the target website/web page in the ‘search engine results pages’ or the SERP.

To give you a larger glimpse of digital marketing, let me tell you that there are on an average of more than 14 billion searches done on the internet. Just imagine what would happen if you managed to get a mere fraction of this staggering number. To make this happen, you need to work on various aspects of digital marketing and primarily on SEO. You would need to work on social media marketing, Pay-per-Click, and local SEO. The resultant product would be a higher rank on the SERP and that is where the magic starts happening.

Now, how about we do the most cliché thing in an “Importance of SEO” article and implore why exactly SEO is important to digital marketing?

The Reasons Why SEO Is Indispensable To Digital Marketing:

•    Equal Opportunities

Search engine optimization provides a platform where every business has an equal opportunity for exploring the online realm and letting their potential customers know about their brands and its products or services. Essentially, your business will have the same opportunity as any other business when it comes to SEO. The field is open to all and the best performer takes the ‘cake’, and in this case, the cake is the moolah.

•    Doesn’t Make a Hole in Your Pockets

Traditional marketing techniques were famous for many things. One of these things involved spending sacks of money to get the desired result, be it increased brand awareness or be it increased sales. On the contrary, new age online marketing techniques like ‘SEO’ are not that money hungry. SEO, in particular, is really cost effective. The amount of money spent on SEO campaigns is negligible when compared to the staggering amounts spend on traditional marketing tactics.

•    Highly Interactive

When it comes to digital marketing, simply creating posts does no good for your business. Posts, blogs, and articles are merely vessels of online marketing and have no influenced if they are not optimized properly. This where SEO comes to action and helps in making these posts interactive. Interaction increases the chances of people visiting the target website or web page and increasing the flow of online traffic.

•    Helps Build A Reputation

You may not have much idea about brand reputation and its importance in digital marketing. Brand reputation, contrary to popular belief is much similar to personal reputation. Just like a person’s bad reputation can cause issues and hardships in his/her personal life, a bad brand reputation can cause a decline in sales, revenue, and can eventually ruin the brand altogether. SEO helps a brand build an image and trust in the eyes of the potential audience.

•    Prepared Your Business for the Internet of Things

First of all, you need to understand what the internet of things really is. The internet of things or the IoT is basically an invisible universe of interconnected digital gadgets that are connected via the internet. This vast network can at times be overwhelming. The stark reality that this network does not really have a size or limitation can be too much to take. However, what a business can do is adapt to this network so as to survive its existence. SEO enables businesses to adapt to this humongous nexus of devices, gadgets, and instruments and allows it to be a part of it.

These were one of the several benefits of SEO in the game of digital marketing. They will give you an idea of just how important SEO actually is for businesses who are looking forward to conquer the internet and achieve success for their business. However, it is easier said than done. SEO takes time and patience. More importantly, it needs expertise and in depth knowledge about various aspects of digital marketing.


For every business, advertising is of prime importance. As a business transitions into online world, the methods of advertising change as well. Here, digital marketing and SEO in particular work toward gathering a significant online traffic for the business’ website. SEO also ensures that the website ranks high on the search engine results page. You must have noticed by now that SERP comes up a lot. The reason behind it is that people usually search for their desired result on the first two pages of the SERP. Therefore, it becomes even more important for businesses to make sure that their website ranks high on the search engines results page. Another factor that makes SEO important for digital marketing and at the same time makes it superior to other branches of digital marketing such as pay per click (PPC), social media marketing and online reputation management (ORM) is the return on investment (ROI).

We will now look into how SEO works for the benefit of a business.

How Does SEO Do Its Thing?

To understand how search engine optimization works, you first need to create understanding of how search engines works. Given their enormous size and the vast part of the internet that they cover, search engines are not operated by humans. Instead, they are operated by bots or spiders and this whole organization is governed by various algorithms. Search engines are text driven and determine the quality of the content posted totally based on the text and its quality. When it comes to search engines, they work in a particular way to fetch the top results to their SERP. These activities are:

  • Crawling
  • Scanning
  • Indexing



Crawling is the process of the search engine sending out bots to crawl and identify web pages on the internet. This helps the search engine identify all the webpages and content that gets posted online.


Scanning is the part where the search engine uses the data collected from the crawlers and uses it to determine the quality of the web pages.


Indexing is the final part where the search engine categorizes these scanned web pages into various categories called indexes.

The interesting thing is that search engines do not work on the basis of actions but rather on the basis of components of the web page design. Some of these components that are picked up by the web crawlers as signals for determining the quality of the web page are mentioned below:

  • The website name and its URL
  • The page content
  • The meta tag(s)
  • Link characteristics
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Design of the page


Let us see how the processes of SEO work in detail:


All the search engines in the world operate on a software. This software uses web crawlers or bots like the popular Googlebot that crawl all over the internet to identify the various contents that get posted online. The crawlers so not work on a daily basis or an on demand basis. When it comes to new web pages or updated web pages, they may not be visited by these crawlers for days or weeks. Therefore, it is important to know how crawlers work and what elements attract them. Crawlers cannot identify images, GIFs, Flash movie clips, frames, JavaScript, and password protected domains among other things. It is thus always advised to run a keyword simulation test to determine what all is crawl-worthy by bots. The elements that would not be crawl-worthy will eventually miss out on search engine listing.


Once crawling is taken care of, the next thing that comes up is search engine indexing. Indexing is basically the categorization of identified or crawled web pages into categories. These categories act as storages for web pages from these web pages can be retrieved back as and when any search query matches the keywords. Now, this task would not be possible for human beings. It would take a lot of time to do and the result would not be as desired. But for the search engine, this is just another Tuesday. It is important to note that proper page optimization is required for this process to take place smoothly.

Search Work

Search work is referred to the process that takes place when the indexing is done. Whenever you search for something using keywords or key phrases, the search engine matches the input from your side to the indexed and stored web pages in its categories. Now, there are millions of web pages that may have matched with the searched keywords. This is where the search engine searches for relevancy with the searched keywords or key phrases. Only the most relevant results will be displayed on the SERP.

Search Engine Algorithm

A search engine uses special algorithms that sort out the results that we see being displayed on the search engine results page. This algorithm basically goes through the keywords that have been input into the search engine, looks for matching results in the indexed categories, goes through URLs, and searches for relevancy among them. The algorithm even goes through the content of the web pages to look for anything that matches the keyword input by the user. As of now, there are three forms of search engine algorithms, that is,

  • Onsite algorithms
  • Offsite algorithms
  • Whole site algorithms


All these algorithms mentioned above look at eh webpages from different angles based on different parameters. These parameters consist of, but are not limited to Meta tag, title tag, inbounds links, outbound links, and keyword density. This is also the reason why the same keyword can result in different SERP results when used in different search engines. The interesting thing is that al, search engines keep modifying or changing their algorithms for better, faster, and accurate performance. This also means that SEO SERVICES keeps on changing too.

Hope this piece helped you understand SEO better.


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