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The technology explosion has changed our lives forever. With the advent of new apps, we have found ease to get through numerous tasks in our daily lives. One sector that technology has affirmatively affected and is continuing to do is education. Both the teachers and their pupils have reaped the benefits of many websites and applications disseminating education. The use of such applications is prompted by the schools for the teachers so that they remain organized and complete their tasks more effectively. In the write-up, some of the apps are mentioned which are gaining popularity amid the modern educators day by day.

The Top Apps Used By the Modern Educators

google classroom app

Some of the applications have gained a positive reputation among the educators for their affectivity when it comes to organizing and coordinating the coursework. All these apps might not come across as useful for all as for some but a combination of two or more apps can be highly beneficial for everyone. Each educator can find a system that works for him individually. Some of the apps and websites making noise in the education demesne are  

1) Participate

Participate entails a collections tool that lets the educators locate the resources and create a list of their findings. For example, if a teacher needs to organize material on a particular subject he can create a collection of his researched data. All the links pertaining to the research such as YouTube, PDF files and links to the articles on the said topic can be added and shared with the class. The material prepared by the other educators can also be researched and utilized in Participate. Two or more colleagues can collaborate on this browser and make the teaching experience more cohesive.  

2) Paper53

It is an iOS app that lets the users write notes and organize them. It is very handy to take notes during meetings, workshops, and faculty brainstorming sessions. It also provides the facility of sketching. Paper53 is an iPad app that which serves as a virtual notebook for the teachers.

3) Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a photo sharing website/application instead it is quite useful for locating new ideas. Many educators use it for new ideas to be implemented in their classroom. It has imbricated into a search engine where these teachers go to find inspiration for anchor charts, activities, lesson plans and more. Whichever idea is fancied by people, they can pin it. It helps in quick organization and recall. 

4) Google Classroom

Google Classroom has been the most popular app among the educators who do not mind introducing technology into learning. Google Classroom is an app for both Android and iOS and available on a web browser. It lets the users add the tags to different assignments and create templates. An educator can easily find the resources he has shared with his pupils using Google Classroom.

5) Voxer

Voxer is an exciting app that allows the teachers to connect with the other educators. They can form a learning network by the virtue of this app. It is available on iOS and Android as well as a website. It is like a walkie-talkie that lets teachers correspond with others. With an easy scroll through, checking new messages is easy.

6) Seesaw

It is a challenge to update parents about the work being done in a classroom and making them aware of their child’s performance. Seesaw has made it easy. Available on both Android and iOS it is being used by the students to record their progress at school and show it to their parents. Students can take pictures of their work, add side notes, and record their voice to document their progress. This, later on, can be shared with the parents and teachers.

7) Twitter Lists

This app is for the educators who consider Twitter a great source of information and research. Twitter is a great social networking site for connecting and disseminating information. The Twitter feed at times can be overwhelming. This app allows the segregation of people with common interest. The educators can have a Twitter list laced with other educators. The list can also contain educational sites which contribute to an educator’s research.

8) Pocket

Pocket serves as a small bookshelf where you can keep all your reading material organized. All the articles that you want to save for reading later or want to share with the students can be bookmarked in Pocket. In this way, it becomes very easy for the articles to be revisited whenever required.

9) State Standards

This app used by the educators to view the standards on their cell phones. People can scroll on their screen from different areas of studies to different grades. It is one of the many apps launched by MasteryConnect to help teachers to stay top of their game. The teachers can locate standards of different states by virtue of this app.

10) 30/30

It is a task manager. 30/30 can be used for preparing a to-do list. It is better than other task managers as it has vast features to add depth to your list. You can use color icons assign a different amount of time to different tasks. By completing small tasks, educators can focus on major tasks more effectively.

Technology, on one hand, might be having adverse effects on students by consuming up their time and driving them away from reality, on the other; it can be used productively for the betterment of the society. It all depends on kind of approach one adopts.


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