Do You Know About The 7 Coolest New Cars You Can Get Under $18,000?


Owning a car or a vehicle is quite important, especially in today’s age where people are quite busy in their lives. Having a means of transportation handy can ensure that you can reach any important place on – time, at your own convenience and don’t have to rely on any other means. Though public transport should still be used by people when possible, in the hustle and bustle of the busy life in urban cities and regions, it can be quite important to have a car of your own. You can use this car to go to your office, pickup or drop-off your children at school and use it for various other purposes, even small trips to nearby locations if you choose your car smartly. The price for each and every automobile in the market varies, almost every year. With more and more cars being launched into the markets today, it can be quite helpful if you had a list of cars you could probably tally and choose from. From there, you’d probably be able to buy the coolest car in the world for yourself, in a price range that you are comfortable with.

Don’t make the same mistake thousands do all over the world, when looking to buy your first or second car. Drop the Idea of buying a car at a low, cheap price. Obviously, you want the best deal while buying a car. Getting one that’s cheap and overtly inexpensive can cause you to receive a car that’s barebones, doesn’t have the luxuries and utilities you have come to expect of them and lacks important features that can be quite useful while on the road. Assuming you have a budget of around $18,000 or $20K, you can choose any mid – range, tier 2 automobile that you can use to travel around. They can be the perfect choice for a new college student, a mother or any other person who’d want a car that’s affordable, operates well and is fuel – efficient.

Following are some of 7 Coolest New Cars you can get for, under $18,000

  • 2018 Chevrolet Sonic:

The Chevrolet Sonic, by all terms, is one of the best subcompact cars available in the automobile market. It has an engine with enough horsepower that gives it that extra zip, whether you are cruising on the highway, or navigating a crowded street. There’s ample space and comfort in both rows of seats, so you’d be able to have a stretch, straighten your legs while travelling for long periods of time.

The infotainment system has been designed keeping the average consumer in mind, so you can be assured that with this car, you’d get both quality and value. Given your preference, you can go for either the sedan or the hatchback body style, and choose between two makes of engines and transmissions. With attractive features like smartphone integration, Wi-Fi Hotspot, ABS system, this is easily one of the coolest car in the world.


  • 2018 Honda Fit:

The Honda Fit 2018 Model is strictly a subcompact car. This means, that you can only get it in the Hatchback version. However, that’s not a drawback, but a positive for city – dwellers! If you frequently have to deal with crowded cities and want just the thing to help you tackle the problem, then this is the perfect automobile for you. Its predictable handling, good safety scores, great features and cabin space makes it have the right mix of value and quality.

Depending on your preference, you can get the upper trim levels of the Honda Fit. That model comes with a touch screen that facilitates a variety of extra features. It allows you to use Smartphone apps, unlock and lock your car, and above all, start your car without having to use your keys. The increased insulation and improved suspension system of the car makes sure that you have a smooth and quiet ride, even on bumpy roads.


  • Subaru Impreza:

The 2018 Subaru Impreza is a decent car for the average, middle class earner to buy, wherever they live. It is available in either the hatchback body style or sedan, with each having their own benefits. They both have spacious cabins with ample legroom inside the car. However, the Sedan has slightly more storage space available than the other. What the hatchback lacks in Cargo room, it makes up in how it drives and handles, zipping past other cars quite easily.

Unlike other compact cars, the Subaru Impreza offers all-wheel drive. On top of that, the fuel economy of this automobile is quite unmatched in its class, allowing people to forego its slightly sluggish engine performance. If you plan to commute to work every day, then this is the car you should definitely go for, as it can easily handle busy roads during office hours, maneuvering around traffic jams and slowdowns with ease.


  • 2018 Toyota Corolla iM:

For those looking to strictly go for the hatchback car, the 2018 Toyota Corolla iM has something in store for them. It’s a fairly decent car, built in a sturdy and reliable fashion. It has a long variety of features that are pretty much standard in cars at this price and of this class. It competes well with other hatchbacks in the market, only falling short of the advantages a Sedan version of the car would be able to give you.

Definitely not one of the coolest car in the world, but there’s a decent tradeoff to using this as compared to other cars. For one, the price range is just right, which means that this car will easily suit your budget without having to spend any more than your intended budget. Plus, the Corolla iM’s performance levels and interiors makes up for where it lacks even further.


  • Volkswagen Jetta:

As any automobile goes these days, the Volkswagen Jetta is all about offering the customers with what hatchbacks are meant for. It’s a compact car that is sufficient in beating other cars in terms of handling, comfort and a peppy engine that makes it zip past in cities and interstate traffic. This gives it that overall hatchback feel, which you might want to experience while driving this vehicle around.

Adding to some pretty decent Hatchback features, the Volkswagen Jetta has a pretty good Infotainment system. Coupled with a spacious cargo space and comfortable seats, this vehicle can certainly be a serious choice for you to buy for yourself and your family. You can easily use this car to travel to any place in your city, travel the country side or go for interstate journeys, to visit friends or relatives.


  • Hyundai Veloster:

For those of you who want to get a sportier version of the average hatchback or compact car available these days, the Hyundai Veloster is more than a perfect match. The car has some decent interiors, made using soft – touch materials and seats that are comfortable and not out of place. The performance of the car doesn’t however match the extraordinarily beautiful, sporty interiors and exteriors.

Though not that powerful, the Hyundai Veloster is definitely a contended due to its flashy, exteriors and interiors. This comes with a list of standardized features this car will have, ones that you can get next time. All in all, it’s not such a grand or great catch for avid vehicle owners, though surprisingly a good compact car for anyone to use on a daily basis.


  • Kia Soul:

The Kia Soul is perhaps the best and one of the coolest cars in the world when it comes to Hatchbacks. It’s a front – wheel drive car that is available in three trim levels: the base, plus and the Exclaim level. Apart from a few technological upgrades and bonus features, whichever trim level you choose, you’ll get the best in cargo space and cabin room. You and your fellow passengers will enjoy some quality moments, travelling with ease and pleasance in this spacious automobile.

The cabin of the vehicle has been made with quality materials that makes it even more comfortable for people sitting inside the car. The Kia Soul has the best in line safety scores and an exceptionably long warranty in the vehicular industry. All in all, the car is very reminiscent of subcompact SUVs and this car has the strength and performance metrics to match some of those dominating today’s market. Equipped with many family – friendly features, you can go ahead and purchase this for personal or family use without any hesitations.


Therefore, if it’s vehicles under $18,000 that you want to get, then these are some of the best options you have in today’s market. They each have something or the other which make them a highly – desirable car to purchase and use, whether you are looking for the perfect compact car for zipping around, or a Sedan to cruise along highways and roads.


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