Do You Know About Nawaz Sharif's Comments On The 26/11 Terrorist Attacks?


Relations between India and Pakistan have been turbulent since the birth of the two sovereign nations. The countries came into existence in 1947 and have been in a state of war ever since. Well, technically there is a cease-fire between the two but that is just something on paper. This cease fire treaty is often violated and no one seems to pay heed to it. This issue has long been going on and there seems no end to it. But the former PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said a few things about Pakistan that clearly blew the fish out of the water. He openly admitted the irresponsible behavior and lousy policies from Pakistan that eventually led to allegedly ‘non-state’ actors to travel to India via the Arabian Sea and cause the 26/11 terror attacks.

The Real Matter

26//11 terror

There were no names mentioned. No mention of Hafiz Saeed, the actual mastermind of the terror attack on India, no mention of Masood Azhar and his terrorist organizations, that is, the Jaish e Mohammad and the Jamaat ud Dawah. The statement just said that militant organizations are present in Pakistan and are active. It also questioned whether it was okay to allow militants, which he called ‘nonstate’ actors kill more than 150 innocent people in Mumbai. He further asked why the trial can’t take place.

The Indian government has accused the terrorist organization Lashkar e Taiba for carrying out the sinister operations in Mumbai in November 2008. The operation was carried out with the help of ten well-armed and highly trained militates who infiltrated the Indian mainland via the Arabian Sea and entered Mumbai to start their killings and coordinated with Pakistan’s intelligence wing, that is, the ISI or the Inter-Services Intelligence.

The Repercussions

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The situation is not as simple as it seems. When a former political leader, and not just any political leader, by the way, the former Prime Minister states that the country was involved and in a way responsible for a major terrorist attack on the neighboring country, it is indeed a very big deal. The 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, India was one that was condemned by the whole world. A total of 166 civilians died in the fiasco, 10 militants were gunned down by the retaliation forces, and 1 militant (Ajmal Kasab) was captured alive. The incident is still fresh in the memories of Indian citizens. Given all this, the statement by the former Pakistani premier has come as a bit of a shock. Not that India does not know about Pakistan’s involvement in the series of unfortunate hostile events, but the thing being admitted is something that was never expected from Pakistan. The country’s administration is surely hocked as well.

On Monday, the National Security Committee or the NSC did hold an emergency meeting where Shahid Abbasi, the current Pakistani Prime Minister, provided a statement that the news about the comments on the 26/11 terror attacks on India was misreported. The former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, as per Abbasi, meant something completely different. This obviously maybe an effort to cover up a mistake or just safeguard the country’s already tarnished image on the global platform as far anti-terrorism activities are concerned. On the other hand, the NCS (National Security committee), which also happens to be Pakistan’s topmost civil-military body, condemned Sharif’s comments and termed them ‘fallacious’, incorrect’, and ‘misleading’. As per PTI report, the NCS held a meeting on Monday and discussed the misleading statement about the terror attacks on India with the Pakistani PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

The funny thing I that Nawaz Sharif recently stated that he will speak out the truth regardless of the possible consequences. Nawaz Sharif defended his comments in which he was critical of Pakistan’s strategy of handling various militant groups that were responsible for the terrorist attack on India on 26th November 2008. His comment also involved him mentioning the policies of the government that enabled ‘non-state’ actors to get across the border and then kill innocent people in Mumbai.

Later, a petition was filed against the former Pakistani PM in the court in order to charge him treason due to his controversial statements on terrorism and Pakistan’s international policies. The comments were also seen as an attack on Pakistan’s national security and integrity. The charges were pressed in Lahore High Court by Aftab Virk, an advocate. Virk also urged the court to initiate the required proceedings against Sharif as soon as possible.

The story has since been taking various turns and there have been many developments since then. Here are the top developments that you might want to know about. Have a look!

•    Pakistan PM releases statement says it was misinterpreted

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan stated that after a meeting held by the NCS or the National Security Committee, it was found out that Nawaz Sharif’s comments were misinterpreted. God knows how that is possible but that is the official statement of the Pakistan government.

•    Petition for treason filed against Nawaz Sharif

A petition was filed in the Pakistan high court against former Pakistani premier due to his remarks on the Pakistani government at the time of the 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai, India. The petition was filed by an advocate as the comments were treasonous.

•    Sharif defended his comments on the 26/11 attacks

Nawaz Sharif defended his comments against the Pakistani administration and its negligence due to which militants were able to carry out their operations overseas and eventually kill 166 civilians. Sharif even said that he would always say the truth even if it has consequences for him.

•    The Pakistani army is really upset with Nawaz Sharif’s comments

The Pakistan army is especially upset with Nawaz Sharif as his comments, in the essence, add weight to India’s version of the story where Pakistan is simply not putting enough effort in fighting terrorism. Pakistan has forever denied its participation in terror activities and aiding terror organizations. However, this statements would change everything. This would prove that Pakistan, in reality, is responsible for harboring terror group, especially in Pakistan occupied Kashmir region.

•    Army fears that Pakistan  may be put on the blacklist

There is another thing the army is worried about, that is, the FATF. The FATF, short for, Financial Action Task Force, is an organization that is Paris based and takes care of international issues like money laundering. Pakistan has already been on the radar as well as in its greylist. It is feared that Sharif’s statement can put Pakistan on the blacklist for good.

•    Sharif tagged the Mir Jafar of the modern era

For those who do not know, Mir Jafar was a Muslim in pre-colonial India who helped the British for his own personal gains. Imran Khan called out Nawaz Sharif and called him the modern era Mir Jafar as he was speaking in favor of India, the enemy of Pakistan and wanted to harm the nation’s integrity.

•    Indian National Congress asks the NDA government in India to take action

As if things were not bad enough, The INC is asking the NDA alliance in India to take required steps against the Pakistani administration. On the other hand, the NDA leaders are now stating that they were right all the time. The Union Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman states that it is a serious disclosure and it cannot be taken lightly. She proceeded further and stated that India’s belief that the masterminds of the 26/11 terror attack were based in Pakistan, was right all the time. She also argued that this statement should be made visible to the entire world so that it would be known that all the speeches that Pakistan delivers on human right and anti-terrorism are nothing but words in vain.

The result of this statement is unknown but the final repercussions will soon be in front of the world.


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