Do You Know About Daily IPL T20 2017 Match Predictions?


The long season of Indian Premier League (IPL) has already started and has created a big buzz among the people. Although it’s the tenth season of IPL, the excitement is never short. Due to the absence of star cricketers like Virat Kohli, K L Rahul, JP Duminy, Quinton de Kock, Mitchell marsh and Dwayne Bravo, the result of the matches will be affected for sure. IPL 2017 until now has produced thrilling encounters but has surprised the viewers on the results. The betting freaks have already got a big surprise in the first two matches of VIVO IPL 2017. Many of the betting lovers are turning to IPL 2017 astrology blogs for some tips. Well, time will tell if that works right for them. Today IPL 10 match predictions has become the most searched keyword on every search engine. The passion for cricket is so much in India that most people have started predicting the result of every match. Here, we present you daily IPL T20 2017 match predictions which are based on various factors like team composition, pitch, dew factor, team fielding ability, running between the wickets of the players and the past IPL performances. One question is in trending now i.e Who will win IPL 2017? Let's see who will get this season trophy.

Everyday IPL T20 2017 Match Predictions

So guys, are ready to know the IPL 2017 match predictions beforehand then read this article for all the information. Betting is illegal in India and we also strongly discourage sports betting. These IPL 2017 predictions are just for the passionate cricket fans out there. You will be amazed after reading facts about Indian Premier League.

IPL 2017

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Indian Premier League Match 8 Kings XI vs RCB prediction (10th April, Monday)      

So far, Kings XI Punjab has not had a great IPL outing. But with Glenn Maxwell as the new captain things are likely to change. Royal Challengers Bangalore has a long list of star key players that are injured, hence in our opinion, today's IPL match prediction Kings XI should win comfortably.

Indian Premier League 10 Match 9 RPS vs DD prediction (11th April, Tuesday)

This year batting giant Steve Smith is heading Rising Pune Supergiant, who has done exceedingly well in India-Australia test series. On the other side Delhi Daredevils lack experienced and quality cricketers which will be an obstacle. Therefore RPS will emerge as the winner.

2017 IPL Match 10 MI vs SRH prediction (12th April, Wednesday)

The ground at Mumbai is small but both Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad have a balanced squad. As the match is taking place at Mumbai Indians' home ground, so Mumbai Indians are expected to register a win.   

IPL 10 Match 11 KKR vs  Kings XI prediction (13th April, Thrusday)

Kolkata Knight Riders have terrific all-rounders and have phenomenal record on their home ground. Whereas Kings XI Punjab lack experience and their previous IPL failures will play on the mind. So, KKR should be victorious.

10 IPL Match 12 RCB vs MI prediction (14th April, Friday)

Match will take place at Bangalore where pitch will assist spinners & seamers. If you look at the squad of Royal Challenger Bangalore, it has a perfect combination of swing and fast bowlers. In our view Royal Challenger Bangalore should have no problem in winning.

Indian Premier League -10 Match 13 GI vs RPS prediction (14th April, Friday)

Gujarat Lions has the right mix of experience & youth but Rising Pune Supergiants have a lot of players which have not been successful in the T20 format. This is where Gujarat Lions have an edge over them and should register a win comfortably.

IPL matches 2017

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IPL 2017 Match 14 KKR vs SRH prediction (15th April, Saturday)

Both sides have equally talented cricketers and match winners. If we look at the IPL history, Kolkata Knight Riders have always done well in the initial stages. Honestly, KKR is one of the best team because they have outstanding T20 players. In our view KKR will be successful.

IPL T20 Match 15 DD vs Kings XI prediction (15th April, Saturday)

Delhi Daredevils are missing out on quality players and the failure in the previous IPL seasons will certainly be there in the back of mind. Kings XI also have similar story but Captain Glenn Maxell might be a difference. Therefore Kings XI should not ha a e problem in winning.

T20 IPL Match 16 MI vs GI prediction (16th April, Sunday)

Mumbai Indians have terrific spinners & seamers which can run through Gujarat Lions side easily. But Gujarat Lions don’t have top-class bowling; this will be the difference at the end. This will be a tight match but as our prediction goes, MI holds upper hand.

10 Indian Premier League  Match 17 RCB vs RPS prediction (16th April, Sunday)

Royal Challengers Bangalore is playing without their star players which make their team little handicapped. But Rising Pune Supergiants does not have settled squad which will be the difference at the end. No doubt, Royal Challengers Bangalore will be victorious because of their power hitters.

IPL 2017 Match 18 DD vs KKR prediction (17th April, Monday)

The result of this match is pretty obvious Kolkata Knight Riders will be the winners.  Kolkata Knight Riders have some of the terrific world-class all-rounders that can change the match on their day. Delhi Daredevils lack top-notch batsman & bowler which might prove costly.    

IPL T20 2017 Match 19 SRH vs Kings XI prediction (17th April, Monday)    

Kings XI Punjab is a talented side but on comparing with Sunrisers Hyderabad it looks little weak. Sunrisers Hyderabad will easily knock off Kings XI by displaying good bowling & batting for sure. Don’t think winner will be difficult to guess here, Sunrisers Hyderabad will be victorious.

2017 IPL Match 20 GL vs RCB prediction (18th April, Tuesday)

This can be cracker of a match as both are good sides; both teams have quality batsman & bowlers. It will not possible to make a prediction about this game, so it will depend largely on the outcome of the toss. Although in our opinion Gujarat Lions are much likely to emerge as winners.

Indian Premier League Match 21 SRH vs DD prediction (19th April, Wednesday)

Delhi Daredevils don’t have a settled squad hence, Sunrisers Hyderabad will comfortably beat Delhi Daredevils and the match might get over in total 30 over’s combined of both the innings. The result seems to be obvious because Sunrisers have are better team in batting, bowling and fielding.

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T20 IPL 2017 Match 22 KingsXI vs MI prediction (20th April, Thursday)

Kings XI Punjab has all the ingredients to put up of a good fight but you have to do a reality-check on the team. It’s not surprising that Mumbai Indians have several T20 performers that can change the match single-handedly. This should not surprise you because MI will be victorious

T20 IPL 10 Match 23 KKR vs GI prediction (21st April, Friday)      

Both teams are equally good in batting, fielding and bowling. But Kolkata Knight Riders have been playing as a cohesive unit from nine seasons but Gujarat Lions was found just two years back, so on that front KKR has clear cut advantage that is likely to emerge as winner.

Indian Premier League 2017 Match 24  RPS vs SRH prediction (22nd April, Saturday)

As per the previous track record of Rising Pune Supergiants they didn’t enjoyed much success in the previous IPL matches. But among all IPL 10 match predictions this one should surprise you as Sunrisers Hyderabad should win very comfortably.

2107 T20 IPL league Match 25 MI vs  DD (22nd April, Saturday)  

This will be a one-sided match because Mumbai Indians team has talented performers that can change the course of the match at any stage. Delhi Daredevils team lacks these kinds of players and is yet to find a right combination in playing XI. Mumbai Indians will simply blow Delhi Daredevils away.

IPL 2017 Match 26 GL vs Kings XI (23rd April, Sunday)   

Gujarat Lions are surely the clear cut winner here. The Kings XI team although are capable of putting a good show but have a habit of losing out in the later stages specially against big teams this can be that match. As our prediction goes Gujarat Lions should emerge glorious in this match.

IPL 10 matches

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IPL -10 Match 27 KKR vs RCB (23rd April, Sunday)   

Royal Challengers Bangalore is without their key player’s this year. It definitely disturbs the balance of the side but on the other side Kolkata Knight Riders have a settled team packed up with terrific T20 Players, KKR should win this match.

VIVO IPL Match 28: MI vs RPS (24th April, Monday)

Rising Pune Supergiants are a good side, as a team they lack match-finishers and wicket –taking seam bowlers. Further, Mumbai Indians are a talented side from point of view of every parameter. This might be a crunch game; at the end Mumbai Indians should not have any problem beating Rising Pune.

IPL 2017 Predictions Match 29: RCB vs SRH (25th April, Tuesday)

Both teams have immensely talented players. Sunrisers Hyderabad has started this tournament quite well this will definitely give a boost to their confidence. As Royal Challengers Bangalore doesn’t have players in form, hence SRH should win here.

2017 IPL Prediction Match 30: RPS vs KKR (26th April, Wednesday)

Kolkata Knight Riders will win here because of brilliant batting by the top-order batsmen. Although Rising Pune Supergiants are capable of giving an outstanding show, one thing that might not go there way is lack of experience in the bowling.

10- IPL Match Predictions Match 31: RCB vs GL (27th April, Thursday

Two evenly matched team, really difficult to choose a winner here. But Royal Challengers Bangalore has the players that can outplay Gujarat Lions on every front. Our pick is Royal Challengers Bangalore because of their excellent past record.

IPL VIVO Match Predictions Match 32: KKR vs DD (28th April, Friday)

This year Kolkata Knight Riders have the right combination that can take them to the finals. Delhi Daredevils are still not able to figure out the right playing XI, Keeping these things into mind Kolkata Knight Riders should register a comfortable win here.

IPL 2017 Match Predictions Match 33: Kings XI vs SRH (28th April, Friday)

Kings XI Punjab have a record of doing well in later stages, this could be that match. With terrific batting by middle order batsmen they should register a win over Sunrisers Hyderabad quite comfortably.

2017 IPL Match predictions Match 34: RPS vs RCB (29th April, Saturday)

As per the current form, the momentum is with Rising Pune Supergiants which makes them clear favorites to win this match.  Royal Challengers Bangalore is playing this tournament without their major players which might just prove costly.

Match prediction IPL Match 35: GL vs MI (29th April, Saturday)

The venue of this match is Rajkot which a small ground. This means spinners and batsman will have a big role to day. As per our prediction goes Gujarat Lions will be doing an upset here and will be emerging glorious.

IPL 2017 prediction Match 36: KingsXI vs DD (30th April, Sunday)

Delhi Daredevils are the kind of team which saves their best for the last. This will be game of Delhi Daredevils where they will show magnificent display of batting with extraordinary bowling therefore Kings XI Punjab will end on the losing side.

Match Prediction IPL Match 37 SRH vs KKR (30th April, Sunday)

Both these teams have outstanding players and have a good chance of winning the tournament. Among all IPL 2017 all match prediction this is little difficult. Sunrisers have always done well on their home ground therefore will win this match.

Vivo IPL -10 Prediction Match 38 MI vs RCB (1st May, Monday)

Mumbai Indians is one team that holds excellent record on doing superbly well on its home ground. The match will take place in Mumbai which means MI has little advantage over Royal Challengers Bangalore. As per our prediction it will be a crunch game but Mumbai Indians will be victorious here.

IPL T20 Prediction Match 39 RPS vs GL (1st May, Monday)

Few teams have a habit of peaking at the later stage. That’s what is associated with Rising Pune Supergiants which should turn the tide in their favour.  It might be a crunch match but at the end Gujarat Lions will end on the losing side.

Vivo IPL-10 Prediction Match 40 DD vs SRH (2nd May, Tuesday)

One thing is really special about Delhi Daredevils, of coming up with extraordinary performances when it matters the most. That’s something really unique about this team. This match will be one of the upsets in tournament as Sunrisers Hyderabad will be easily defeated.

T20 league IPL Prediction Match 41 KKR vs RPS (3rd May, Wednesday)     

Kolkata Knight Riders have a better balance in the team but Rising Pune Supergiants have superb hard-hitting batsmen. This makes the contest even. Match will be played in Kolkata, which is likely to create pressure on the home team as a result Rising Pune Supergiants will win.

IPL 10 Matches

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Indian Premier League match prediction 42 DD vs GL (4th May, Thursday)

Delhi Daredevils have the ability to surprise the opposition in the later stages and this can be that match. Both sides have talented all-rounders but Delhi Daredevils will win this match due to outstanding swing bowling which will be the difference at the end.

10-IPL match prediction 43 RCB vs Kings XI (5th May, Friday)

There is no doubt Kings XI will be the underdogs in this match. Some of the injured players of Royal Challengers Bangalore will be back which will strengthen their team. Owing to better team composition RCB will win here.

Vivo IPL prediction match 44 SRH vs RPS (6th May, Saturday)

Sunrisers Hyderabad has performed well as a team till now which makes them favorite in this match. The area where Rising Pune Supergiants lack is bowling which will be crucial in this match. Our pick for this match is Sunrisers Hyderabad.

IPL 10 Match prediction 45 DD vs MI (6th May, Saturday)

This will be a one-sided match which will go Mumbai Indians way. Delhi Daredevils will miss an extra batsman in their line-up. Although the Daredevils can take the match till the end but result won’t go their way.

10 - Match prediction 46 RCB vs KKR (7th May, Sunday)

Taking the current form into account Kolkata Knight Riders certainly are the better team and it will also reflect in the result as well. This won’t be a one-sided match but definitely KKR will win it.

T20 IPL Match prediction 47 Kings XI vs GL (7th May, Sunday)

Both teams match each other in terms of batting, fielding and bowling. As Kings XI Punjab has a habit of coming up with brilliant performances at the later stages this will the match to watch out for as Kings XI will defeat Gujarat Lions.

IPL 2017 event

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Vivo T20 Match prediction 48 SRH vs MI (8th May, Monday)

When you are thinking about who will win the IPL 2017 both the teams have the capability due to terrific players in their squad. It can be anybody’s game on the given day but Sunrisers Hyderabad is a better team therefore should win this game.

Indian Premier League Prediction Match 49 Kings XI vs KKR (9th May, Tuesday)

Although Kolkata Knight Riders are the team to watch out for this season but Kings XI Punjab can give challenge to team on a given day. Taking the past IPL statistics into account and the current form, Kolkata Knight Riders will be victorious in this match.

Match Prediction 50 IPL GL vs DD (10th May, Wednesday)

On the current form none of the teams have done well in the IPL, so far. In simple words both sides are quite similar but Gujarat Lions should do well here. In our opinion, Gujarat Lion will win this closely fought match.

Vivo IPL 10 Match prediction 51 MI vs Kings XI (11th May, Thursday)

This is actually the last phase of the IPL which will even motivate the below power teams to give their best. The result of this match will be a big surprise because Kings XI will beat Mumbai Indians in a close game.

Match prediction 52 Vivo IPL DD vs RPS (12th May, Friday)

When we compare both the teams, Rising Pune Supergiants have the perfect balance and right mix of youth and experience. Delhi Daredevils look below power and will not be able to beat Pune Supergiants.

Indian Premier League Match Prediction 53 GL vs SRH (13th May, Saturday)

Sunrisers Hyderabad has a great chance again of winning the IPL this season. In form players are in superb nick and will simply blow the Gujarat Lions away. There may be odd occasions where Gujarat Lions seem to be giving the fight.

10 IPL Match prediction 54 KKR vs MI (13th May, Saturday)

Definitely both these teams have all the qualities of becoming champion this season. For this match there will only be one winner that is Mumbai Indians. The reason is Mumbai Indian does well in the slog overs.

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2017 IPL match prediction 55 RPS vs Kings XI (14th May, Sunday)

Kings XI have always done superbly well in the final league games and it will be the same this year also. Rising Pune Supergiants are immensely talented but will not be to win this game.

IPL 10 match prediction 56 DD vs RCB (15th May, Monday)          

Royal Challengers Bangalore will beat Delhi Daredevils with a big margin. There will not be any problems in doing because of magnificent batting and accurate bowling, this game will be very much one-sided.

IPL 2017 match prediction 57  1st Qualifier (16th May, Tuesday)

The first qualifier will be played between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders. Further, will be a tight game but Sunrisers Hyderabad have the right team to make to the finals.

2017 IPL Match Prediction 58 Eliminator (17th May, Wednesday)

This will be a knock-out game for both the teams; the team that loses here will be out of the tournament. The two teams will be Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. But Mumbai Indians will make it to the next round.

IPL Match Prediction 59 2nd Qualifier (19th May, Friday)

It will be played between Rising Pune Supergiants and Kings XI Punjab. This will be again a one sided-match which Supergiants will win comprehensively on all areas batting, bowling and fielding.

IPL Final Match Prediction (21st May, Sunday)

IPL 2017 final will be played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad. As our prediction goes Sunrisers Hyderabad will win the IPL 2017 this year.

Hope all of you cricket loving fans will definitely like and share this IPL 2017 all match prediction with your friends and loved ones.

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