Do You Know 7 Most Bizarre Fashion Trends for Men?


When it comes to fashion, women are far ahead than men and there is no denial of the fact. But this fact has become a passé now. With globalization at its peak and men being experimental a lot more than ever, designers are launching the counterparts of crop tops and playsuits for men. Yes! Even though it is just the beginning of the experiment, it is already taking the world by storm. Some people are appreciating these new kinds of apparels for men, while some are criticizing them. ‘Men will be men', fact bought, but will they leave their comfort zone for such bizarre experiments? Well, that remains unanswered as of now. But the question that we can answer is what these fashion trends are and what they have in store for us? So, without much further ado let's understand what are they, shall we?

7 of the Most Bizarre Men's Fashion Trends

Here is the list of the most bizarre fashion trends for men. Scroll down to get all the deets.

1. Crop Tops

men's crop tops

Japanese Brand, Comme des Garçons' ReiKawakubo has introduced a new collection at the NYFW Fall 2017 and the collection has been named ‘Boyhood'. This collection was too different from the rest because all the apparels that it showcased were too different and sheer stereotype-breakers. From asymmetrical tailcoats and oversized T-shirts to high-top sneakers, the fashion week saw it all, but what stole the show was a belly-baring crop top. This has not yet become a rage but looks bizarre for sure.  

2. Brompers


This has been a very innovative idea and a bizarre one as well. It has been designed and launched in 2017 only. The first one who launched their line of brompers was ACED Design and the line has been named ‘RompHim'.  The minds behind this idea wanted something for men that has a great fit, comfort, and versatility and hence created something as unusual as this. 

3. Oversized Sleeves

oversized sleeves

It all started with JW Anderson, a London-based designer, who launched not just oversized sleeves, but cable-knit scarves and fluid flares as well. Even though this range was not much liked by the people, this became one of the most bizarre stocks of 2017 fall collection for men.

4. Opposuits


Opposuits are certainly weird but are still very cool. They are becoming a fashion trend quite quickly and even though it's unusual, it is designed in a way to make men look smarter. This idea of designing Opposuits was introduced by a Dutch Company who proudly says that they sell a minimum of 0.5 million pieces every year. They come in different patterns and the best part about these is they look great on all the men.

5. Chokers for Men

chokers for men

This is not the first time that men's chokers are making statements. During the 90s as well, men's chokers were brought to life but it failed to impress the crowd. It has been re-launched yet again in 2017. They come in different sizes, colors, patterns and collars and men are loving this weird yet smart look. If you keep experimenting with new looks, then this one certainly deserves a try.

6. Bangs

short bangs

Thanks or, maybe, no thanks to Justin Bieber and Jared Leto for bringing this trend in fashion. But, be it a fashion trend or not, it certainly looks sleazy and weird. For those who really love to experiment, please don't try this because it is going to make you look like nothing else but a clown.

7. Lace Separates

lace separates

Even though this one is affordable enough, not many have been bought by people, all thanks to its bold design and girly patterns. These separates are see through and leave very little to the imagination.

So, with that, the list comes to an end. Stay tuned to Weetjij for more of such fun articles. Also, let us know in the comments section below how did you like this article.


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