Do You Know 26 January is Celebrated as Australia Day?


Australia is the 6th largest country in the world by area. It has been inhabited by the indigenous Australians for more than 50,000 years before the settlement of the British in the late 18th century. Every year,  26 January is celebrated as Australia Day. Australia Day is actually the official ‘National Day of Australia’. In the year 1788, on the very same day of 26 January, the First Fleet of the British Ships reached the Port Jackson in New South Wales. Moreover, Australia day is now seen as a day for all the Australians to come together and pay homage to the great nation. It is a day for all the Australians to observe the greatness of their country and pledge to make it even a better place than before. But how did it all actually start? How is this significant day celebrated? Let’s found out the answers to these questions! Here is everything you need to know about the Australia Day and its celebrations. Check Donald trump memes.

26 January- The Official National Day of Australia

Australia Day

The National day of Australia, simply known as Australia Day throughout the world, is a day when all the citizens of Australia come together as a whole in order to commemorate the greatness of the beautiful nation and being an Australian. The day is observed to pay a tribute to the achievements of its men and to feel gratified to be its part. Here is everything you need to know about Australia Day.

Why is Australia Day Celebrated?

First Fleet

The main and the foremost reason for celebrating Australia Day on 26th of January is that it marks the anniversary of the First Fleet when it reached in the year 1788 at Port Jackson in New South Wales. On this very day, Governor Arthur Phillip raised the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove as well. First Fleet was actually a fleet of 11 ships that was sent from England to Australia by the British Admiralty on 13 May 1787.

The First Fleet was of great significance for the British as it already lost the 13 colonies in North America. Hence, the success of the fleet brought a wave of joy for them. To mark the triumph, National Day of Australia is celebrated till date.

National Day of Australia- The Celebrations

Australia Day Parade

In the contemporary, all the states and territories of Australia wholeheartedly participate in the celebrations of the National Australia Day. Although it did not start until 1935 when all the territories and states recognized 26 January as the official National Australia Day. Also, it was in 1994 when Australia Day was started being commemorated as a public holiday on 26 January.

Well, in the contemporary, Australia Day is observed with lots of celebrations throughout the country. According to several polls, it has been found that Australia day is the largest yearly public event in the nation. Several outdoor concerts are organized, people participate in a number of sports competitions, festivals, community barbecues, and beautiful fireworks are some of the ways how people commemorate the National Day in Australia. Every official committee or council known as the National Australia Day Council of every state and territory organizes official events to mark the national celebration.

Perth Skyworks

Speaking of the regional celebrations, every area has its own way of making the commemorations bigger and better. Specifically, in Adelaide, a parade is carried out that goes by the name of ‘Australia Day in the City’, followed by concerts, and firework displays held in the Elder Park along with an international cricket match played at the Adelaide Oval. Boat and ferry races are organized at the harbor in Sydney. In Melbourne, the celebration focusses on the multiculturalism fortified with Voyages Concert and the People’s March. Whereas in the capital of Western Australia, Perth the very famous ‘Perth Skyworks’ is an immense individual event hosted every Australia Day.

Apart from the community events, Citizenship ceremonies are also organized on Australia Day. In fact, National Australia Day has become the biggest juncture of the attainment of the citizenship of Australia. To add to the extravagance of the celebration, various music festivals such as Big Day Out, and Australia Day Live Concert are also televised nationwide.

Australia Day- The Criticism

Australia Day Protest

No wonder, Australia Day is celebrated with great joy and excitement around the country, the Indigenous Australians consider this day as an emblem of the unpropitious effects of the British settlement on the indigenous peoples of Australia. Back in the year of 1938, the National Day of Australia was followed by ‘Aboriginal Day of Mourning’ observed by the indigenous community of Australia. Some people also marked this day along with ‘Survival Day’ in the year of 1992.

Efforts have been made to include the indigenous people of Australia in the celebrations of the National Day of Australia. A big example of such event is the Woggan-ma-gule ceremony that is held in Sydney. The ceremony is organized in order to pay homage to the past and commemorate the present.

It is better to come together this Australia Day and pay gratitude to what the country has offered to its citizens. Happy Australia Day to everyone out there!



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