Do You Know 10 Countries Where You Don’t Need a U.S. Passport?


Obtaining a passport and then undergoing the whole visa processes could be really time-consuming and even expensive. And though, these are supposedly two of the most important documents required to travel outside the country, there are still places you don’t really need a Visa or a US passport to travel.

Isn’t it like the best news ever! And if you think that we have gone nuts, then wake up and smell the coffee! There are more than 174 countries where you can travel and have access to without the bureaucracy. You should just have a valid government ID proof to show that you are a US resident and a copy of your birth certificate. That’s about it!

Here’s a list of some of the most exotic destinations around the world where you don’t need a US passport. All you need is a heart that wanders and the will to explore the world!

1. Hawaii


Hawaii is the only island out of the many islands situated in the United States which is also considered as a state! Situated in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist attractions and welcomes people from around the world to experience the beauty! The island is known for its active volcanoes, picturesque beaches, and soul-stirring nightlife you simply cannot afford to miss!

2. Puerto Rico


Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is just two and a half hours away from Miami. It is a US island territory and is a perfect amalgamation of rich tropical rainforests, white sandy southern beaches, coral era architecture, and spellbinding mountainous interiors enough to make you forget the mainland completely! This small chain of the island is influenced by African, Latin American, and Spain’s culture. Visiting the Puerto Rico Island is a total delight and attracts tourists from around the world to break the monotonous routine and try some real adventure!

3. Guam


Touted as an important US military hub, Guam is situated exactly south to the beautiful Mariana Islands. This place welcomes close to (or maybe even more than!) 1 million tourists every week and is one of the most popular US territories. Famous for big guns, visitors also have a great experience exploring its stunning marketplaces, snorkelling opportunities, cultural events & markets, and scenic beaches. If you can feel the freshness by mere looking at its picture or reading this text, tell me, would you not want to experience such delight live? Or, would you even want a reason to experience something like this and that too, without a passport? You know the answer!

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4. Mexico


Enter the magnetic place via land or see, you just need to have a valid Enhanced Driver’s License or your US Passport. However, there’s one condition underlying the no visa travel and that is if you are planning either to leave the 18-mile border zone or to stay in the Mexico City for over 72 hours, you would have to issue a tourist card. The cost for roughly $23 and would be valid for up to 180 days. And if you’re someone like me to make such instant plans of extended vacation and change of plans, don’t worry! You can obtain your tourist visa at the border itself. Although, if you know you will be staying in the city for more than 72 hours, get the tourist card sorted beforehand for your convenience!

5. Canada


US citizens can travel to Canada and cross borders without a US passport under certain conditions only. The condition is that as a US citizen who wishes to visit Canada without a visa or passport must possess the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) approved documents. These documents may include the Trusted Traveler Programs card (such as NEXUS, FAST, Global Entry, etc), Enhanced Driver’s License. If you don’t have any of the WHTI approved travel documents, you can get it through the general application process.

6. Alaska


Unless you have a layover in Canada, you won’t need a US Passport to travel to Alaska. The spellbinding glaciers, grizzly bears, and snowy mountains in the US’s nethermost state is definitely a must visit for at least once in a lifetime! If you are planning a trip to Alaska in winters, know that it might get chillier out there so pack your bags accordingly!

7. Northern Mariana Islands


Situated north to Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands is a commonwealth territory of the United States. Located in the North Pacific Ocean, the place has tourists visiting in huge numbers every year for its serene environment, calm waters, and an array of activities including swimming, karaoke, gambling, diving, and more. Isn’t it just perfect? And what more! You don’t need a US Passport to go there!! I’m sure some of you are planning your next trip to this beautiful place pretty soon!

8. US Virgin Islands


Since the agreement between US and Denmark which struck back in 1916, this island is an unincorporated US territory and now seems more organized than ever before! The biggest industry running in this Caribbean islands is the tourism industry with over 2 million visitors coming to witness the difference every year! Take your cocktails and drinks and lie down by the beach to enjoy the fresh breeze, amazing weather, and a host of activities including swimming, sampling rum, diving, etc.

9. American Samoa


Another US’s unincorporated territory, American Samoa falls in the South Pacific and is very much like the greater Samoan archipelago as per both the lifestyle and culture in both the places. Although it isn’t that big a hyped place to have a lot of tourists coming to the place, that can also be a plus for you in terms of getting an offbeat and more relaxed experience than other much-rushed places. You’ll be awe-inspired by their list of activities available such as swimming (which is so obvious!), snorkelling, fishing, hiking, surfing and more along with its pristine beaches. Definitely, a must visit for couples and families or friends like family to spend some quality time together!!

10. The Caribbean


Not having a passport wouldn’t trouble you for the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative to travel to the Jamaica, Bermuda, and the Bahamas along with other various small Caribbean nations. You would require only a passport card (and not the complete passport book) or an Enhanced Driver’s Card to travel to North America by land or sea. While on the other hand, travelling by air might have a condition to show your US passport while returning from the country to your native place. Travel to warm islands and sunny beaches without overdoing your budget by applying for a simple US Passport card or an Enhanced Driver’s Card (one of the approved travel documents by the WHTI).

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Now that’s some real news!! Isn’t it? I am already smiling ear to ear on hearing that you can travel to some of the most extravaganza locations, breathtaking islands, and beautiful beaches without your US passport! Just remember the conditions of the particular location you’ve chosen to avoid any travel hassles. Do let us know what’s your preferred travel location to go a bit off routine and experience life as it is in the comment section below!

Good luck and Bon Voyage!


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